TCKs and Family Issues

  • TCKs

    What/who is a TCK, or Third Culture Kid? How does their experience affect them? What can you do as parents/teachers to help them through this experience? This covers who TCKs are and how to help them through transitions and crisis/trauma.

  • Family Issues

    Raising children in a country not your own has some unique challenges. While parenting can be a challenge in and of itself, our focus here will be dealing with issues that pertain more to families who are serving in a country that is different from their “home” or passport country.

  • Sending Country Information

    We come from a variety of countries, and while our children can attend school in a common language at times (often English), most parents desire that their child(ren) be ready to return to their passport country to attend university.  What information do you need about your passport country (not just in education) to ensure your children will be ready to attend university there?