Here are some basic mental health resources for how to help yourself or those you care about build their emotional resiliency

Specific Topics

Help for Supervisors

  • How to Help Guide an SIL guide specifically for Supervisors to guide their staff during COVID-19 well.
  • All staff have been living with different levels of freedom due to lockdown, and all are dealing with unusual circumstances. As increased stress and environmental influences may result in decreased work productivity. More time doesn’t equal more productivity. Everyone’s response to stress can result in challenges to a person’s ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly.

Anxiety during crisis

Managing Stress and Burnout

  • Stress and Burnout – Resources from the Headington Institute. Start with their “How stressed are you?” assessment to see where you are now.
  • If you are concerned about stress levels , for yourself or others, visit the Seeking Help page in this Guide.

To Leave or to Stay?

Grief and Loss

Change involves loss, and loss needs to be grieved. Give yourself permission to grieve in whatever way is best for you.

Depression and Shame

  • Depression Guide – An overview of depression, its signs and symptoms and practical steps to combat it. For some people, the added losses, isolation and unavailability of normal stress relievers because of COVID-19 may trigger depression.
  • Honor and Shame In COVID-19 – People in different cultures are responding to the physical and mental health issues from COVID-19 in different ways

Other Language Resources