Emotional Resilience

This section is focused on topics that fall under the category of Emotional Wellbeing. You will also find in the assessment, treatment and care of our emotional selves there are elements of spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing too. Do not look at any category under the Staff Care and Wellbeing section of this website as your only stop for resources. As SIL HR strives to develop a holistic approach to staff care it is striving to advocate health in all aspects of wellness.

  • Resources

    Find easily digestible resources on key Mental Health topics to serving on the field. These include topics like; Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and more.

  • Book Recommendation List

  • When to Get Help

    4 steps for knowing when and where to get more help

  • How Can I Help

    Here are some resources for how you can help yourself or those you care about build emotional resilience

  • Counseling and Counsellors

    If you have need to access counsellors, you will find links to where you can get help on this page. Also, if you are interested in exploring opportunities for serving in this area, a variety of options can be found here.

  • Healthy Teams