Although the old adage “You are what you eat” can be taken in a negative way, there is a great deal of research on the value of eating well.

In different contexts, the food availability may vary from season to season, or indeed may be restricted as to what you can find locally but it should be possible to eat a balanced diet. This is vital for ensuring you have enough energy throughout the day, to make sure you have the nutrients needed for the repair and growth of your body and also to make sure you stay healthy.

Below are guides to the different ratios of each of the different food groups – carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegetables, and of course treats! You will find various sources from the areas listed below:

United Kingdom

North America


Asia and Pacific

Latin America and Caribbean


There are tremendous benefits from eating a balanced diet, including energy, weight control and providing adequate nourishment for the body to thrive.

You can read about the benefits here: Benefits

Recognizing that there may be people struggling with food issues Beat Eating Disorders has some helpful advice.