A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Review by Keith Robinson

Having undertaken to read through the Psalms as my daily time with the Lord, I became aware of this book, as several individuals recommended it. I’m not a great one for reading a book just because everyone else seems to be, but it did fit with my reading. What I hadn’t expected was the way it would be so relevant to a busy, full time missions worker who, at the time, felt harried on all sides.

Peterson provides a topical approach to each Psalm highlighting the spiritual foundation topics each Christian needs to have as part of their life in the long obedience and response to God’s love and sacrifice to each of us. At the time, ascending the hill to the holy place felt like the emphasis was on the ascending, rather than the holy place. 

The reflection caused me to re-centre my focus to reconnect with being careful to guard my mind in hurt. Especially important were the chapters reflecting on repentance, perseverance, hope and humility. Each reader will, no doubt, connect to a different mix of topics. I concluded I probably need to read these reflections each year. In an age where everything seems to demand a quick answer, Peterson’s remarks that the Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint , are, I think, a timely reminder.

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