“A Tale of 3 Kings: A Study in Brokenness” by Gene Edwards

Review by Keith Robinson, July 2020

There are some books on our bookshelves at home that are read and put back to be lent out to others. Some books, however, are read and re-read. This is one such book. The story of Saul, David and Absolom set in a tale style of narrative is at one level a fun and informative read, and at another level is about being open and willing to be a cracked and broken vessel for God.

My personal journey in this started years ago when I was in a long running dispute with another leader in the organisation over some fairly large and principled decisions. The organisational leader gave me a copy of the book. My life started to change. I didn’t have to be right. I had to be willing to be broken and trust God.

Was I a Saul or a David? I knew who I wanted to be. I still do, and at times, I’ll admit, it’s a struggle, thus the need to re-read the book every couple of years.

Brokenness isn’t talked about in today’s spiritual environment of celebration and seeing the positives in everything, but in true discipleship there is also a level of brokenness where you meet God at a different level. For me I truly learned that “I know in whom I trust.”

I guess it’s time to trust again and read again and repent again.

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