“Mudhouse Sabbath” by Lauren Winner Book Review

Lauren Winner is a Messianic Jew who looks at eleven topics that either come from the Christian or Jewish (Judaic) traditions. In Lauren’s own words, “It is to be blunt, about spiritual practices that Jews do better. It is to be blunter, about Christian practices that could be enriched…It is ultimately about places Christians have some things to learn.” Lauren writes in an engaging way, making her points with stories of growing up as a Jew, and her own life journey.

This review is written at a particular time of loss in my own life, and whilst I enjoy learning about the Jewishness of Christianity, as is so often the case, the narrative has spoken directly into my situation, especially the descriptions of Sabbath and mourning. I was also challenged with the comparisons of hospitality, candle-lighting and fasting. 

The book is good for personal reflection, a resource for teaching others (the original reason I was reading the book), or as a resource to recommend to others struggling to find some reason to establish spiritual disciplines in life.

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Keith Robinson

September 2020