Twelve Stones: Remembering the God Moments

-By Laura Payne

Book Review by Keith Robinson, July 16th, 2020

The story of God’s instructions to the Israelites to pick up twelve stones in the river as they crossed the Jordan to build a pile of stones to remember what He had done has always challenged me. I have a leather bag of stones that represent important events in my life. 

Laura felt led to do the same with large flat stones she found on the beach. On the stones she wrote some 50+ God moments in her life. She has written one or two pages about each stone to explain the stories. She and Steve are members of Wycliffe USA and served with SIl in Senegal and Vanuatu before becoming Seed Company staff.

Laura challenges the reader to start their own twelve stone project to enter into the act of remembrance, to note and be thankful for what God has done.

This reminds me I need to pick a stone to remember the life of a loved one who went to be with the Lord yesterday.

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