Bible study methods will include:

Study notes (supplied)

Lectio Divina

Using imagination to picture yourself in the story

Online helps (site suggestions provided)

Picture it (draw the passage)

SOAP – Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer

Chunk it up – breaking down a long passage into smaller pieces

Personal paraphrase

Title and summarise

Piper’s question method


Hermeneutics – interpretation of context, other passages, genre, literal or figurative

Pick a person study

Find the topic

5 step process – observation, further observation, asking questions, interpretation, application.

Three question approach – What? So what? What now?

McArthur approach – read the passage each day, don’t analyse it, just read it. On the last day ask, “What are you saying to me?”

What method
           What does it say?
           What does it mean?
           What does it mean to me?
Deconstruct a passage by clause and set it out on the page to reflect what is going on. 

Context is king’ – what’s the context of the passage