Use these questions to guide a personal faith inventory. Take as much time as you need to answer the questions thoroughly and completely. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!

The guide to understanding your answers is here.

1. What do I believe? What is my personal faith statement?

2. What are my biggest doubts and questions?

3. When do I hear God’s voice most clearly now? When have I heard God’s voice most clearly in the past?

4. How have my beliefs changed over time? How are they in the process of changing? What season or shape is my faith and spirituality taking right now?

5. What spiritual practices are nurturing to me?

6. What goals would I like to implement in order to be more spiritually healthy?

7. What steps do I need to take in order to make my goals a reality?

8. What resources do I have that will help me with my goal(s)?

9. When will I begin?

10. When will I re-evaluate?

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