Spiritual Life Inventory: Taking Stock of Where You are on the Journey

© 2018 Scott E. Shaum Source: https://tendingscatteredwool.com/2018/08/07/revised-spiritual-reflection-tool/

Personal self-examination is a valuable and biblical exercise. Reflectively consider how God is growing you in the following areas. If it is helpful, ask others (especially your spouse, if married) to help you see yourself objectively. 

“The most important thing we do as pastors is who we are.” 

– Eugene Peterson

General Pace of Life 

Where do you fall in the following continuums? Don’t over analyze, go with a “gut” reaction. 

Energized to Deeply Tired…

Energized Renewed“Good” TiredAppropriate Rhythm“Dangerous” TiredWeary at a Soul Level 

Under Fulfilled to Too Busy… 

Life & ministry a bit slowBalanced; Full, but not busy, time to restI am on the run until I fall into bed

Intimacy with God 

  • In what ways do you sense God drawing you into greater intimacy with Himself? 
  • How much time daily do you spend alone with God? What competes for your attention with God – internally and externally? 
  • Describe your abiding in Christ all through a full day (not just “devotions”). 
  • How are you experiencing participating in the life and love of the Father and the Son by the Spirit? 
  • We do not do work for Jesus. He lives his life in and through us. How is this gospel reality taking shape in you? 
  • Is your walk marked more by struggle with seeking to please God or the ability to rest in his love as you walk with Him? 


  • Prayer is a diagnostic of spiritual growth. What does your prayer life look and sound like? What has God spoken to you about in recent weeks? 
  • Solitude – periods of being alone, still and silent before God – are utterly essential to a deepening walk with God. How comfortable are you with silence and solitude? Do you regularly seek time with him to enjoy his presence? How would you like to grow in this practice? 

Delight in and commitment to know and apply the Scriptures

  • How are you growing in your interaction with, knowledge of, and integration of the 
  • Word of God? 
  • What frustrates you in your study and reading of the Word of God? What would help you overcome these frustrations? 

Relationships: How Others Experience You

  • What areas of your personal character are maturing in the context of relationships? 
  • What relationships and circumstances are exposing character deficiencies? 
  • What circumstances are attacking your character (tempting you to compromise)? 
  • Who are you being asked to sacrificially serve in faithfulness? 


We cannot walk alone. We all need others in our lives – both peers and those who hold the place of a “counselor” in our life. 

  • With whom do you meet with at least monthly for spiritual direction, counsel, mentoring, coaching and/or pastoral care? 
  • What has God been providing to you through these ones in your life? 


God does not punish us with pain. Yet, he also does not heal every pain we experience. His disposition towards us is love and mercy. God redeems adversity, like all of life circumstances, to draw us deeper into his love. 

  • What adversities are you living amidst (think emotional, spiritual, physical, relational, etc.)? 
  • How is God inviting you to walk with him and grow in knowing his love in these realities?
  • Do you feel you have to “fix” the problems of life or are you content to pilgrimage with God and others through the “stuff” of life? 

Reflection: A Wise Spiritual Practice 

What overarching observations come to you as you reflect on what God is doing in you? Generally, is there a sense of spiritual vibrancy in your life or rather one of “catch as catch can?” What deeply encourages you? Where do you see vulnerabilities? Take some time to reflect in this manner and record your thoughts. Be honest with yourself and God. Such honesty allows God to move freely in your life. What desires have been stirred that you would like to present to God as prayers? Record these summary thoughts from a gospel reality. In other words, God always initiates, we always respond. This is not up to us; we are not after a self-help plan. What is God inviting you to and how would you like to respond? 


Source: https://tendingscatteredwool.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/spiritual-life-inventory.pdf

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