List the name of the person(s) in your life who does this for you:

1. Tells me the truth in love; levels with me: _______________________

2. Cares enough to hold me accountable: _________________________ 

3. Gives me the kind of atmosphere I need to be real in his/her presence:  ________________________________________ 

4. Asks me the difficult questions: _______________________________

5. Prays for me about what I really need: _________________________

6. Enjoys me: ________________________________________________ 

7. Values me; helps me have a sense of my own worth and integrity:_____________________________________________

8. Helps me reframe events, so I see them from God’s viewpoint:  ________________________________________________ 

9. Helps me live with the pain in my life, whatever it may be:  __________________________________________ 

10. Laughs with me: __________________________________________ 

11. Affirms that I am competent while also allowing me to ask for help: ______________________________________

12. Calls forth the best that is in me, evoking my gifts:  __________________________________

Sid Draayer, Marilyn Moravec Paraklesis Ministries, 2002