Catherine Gregg, I Will Sing to the Lord a New Song: the “Reorientation” Psalms

Catherine Gregg, Spiritual Formation and Direction Ministries

“I Will Sing to the Lord a New Song” (Ps.96:1): The “Reorientation” Psalms 

When God breaks into our experience, bringing new revelation, new hope, new life, celebration is the natural outcome. Celebration can be individual or corporate, quiet or boisterous. It can be expressed through music, song, dance and other artistic forms. One of the primary ways that reorientation was celebrated in the psalms was through the writing, singing and sharing of joyful songs.

While the reorientation psalms are available for our own use today, sometimes the experience of reorientation calls for a new song: one that expresses specifically what the Lord has done for us. One that is our own small but significant contribution to the chorus of “hallelujahs” that never ends in heaven.

Note the thanksgiving in Psalm 138:1-3 (NIV):

I will praise you, 0 Lord, with all my heart;
  before the “gods” I will sing your praise.

I will bow down toward your holy temple
  and will praise your name
  for your unfailing love and your faithfulness …

 When I called, you answered me …

Take some time to create a thanksgiving psalm of your own. The elements include: thanksgiving for a specific act or event, praise, and consecration of one’s self to the Lord. If you are musically talented, try putting your psalm to simple chords or notes and share it as a song of praise to God in the assembly of believers. If you’re not musically inclined, try to capture that same experience of thanksgiving through dance or another art form. Again, find an appropriate place to share with others the good thing that God has done for you.