Classical Spiritual Disciplines


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Disciplines of Letting Go
Solitude Spending time alone to be with God.
SilenceRemoving noisy distractions to hear from God.
FastingSkipping (a) meal(s) to find greater nourishment from God. 
FrugalityLearning to live with less money and still meet your basic needs.
ChastityVoluntarily choosing to abstain from sexual pleasures for a time (those pleasures that are deemed morally right in the bond of marriage) to find higher fulfillment in God.
SecrecyAvoiding self-promotion, practicing serving God without others knowing. 
Sacrifice Giving of our resources beyond what seems reasonable to remind us of our dependence on Christ.
Disciplines of Activity
StudySpending time reading the Scripture and meditating on its meaning and importance to our lives.
WorshipOffering praise and adoration to God. 
PrayerTalking to and listening to God about your relationship with Him and about the concerns of others. 
Fellowship Mutual caring and ministry in the body of Christ.
ConfessionRegularly confessing your sins to the Lord and other trusted individuals. 
Submission Humbling yourself before God and others while seeking accountability in relationships.