Praying the Scriptures

(Lectio Divina)

Lectio (Read)

Gently read a brief passage from the Word of God, listening with the ears of your heart. Note what word or phase seems to call to you—what ‘sparkles’? *

Meditatio (Meditate)

Slowly reread the passage, and repeat the word that has chosen you, asking God, “What do you want me to learn from this today?” Ask your heart, “Why this word, here and now?” *

Oratio (Pray)

As you read the passage a third time, savor it. Let it move you to place yourself before the one who has invited you to intimate dialogue. Trust God enough to speak from your heart. *

Contemplatio (Contemplate)

Read the passage a last time and as you sit quietly, let the Holy Sprit speak to your heart. Let go of the text and simply rest in God. As the fragrance of God’s word fills the room, enjoy the sweetness of communion with the God of the Scriptures.

* Suggestion: have a few minutes of silence between the readings.