Richard Foster: List of Spiritual Disciplines


(Foster, Richard 2018. Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth. USA: HarperOne)

The Inward
The Outward DisciplinesThe Corporate Disciplines
The ability to hear God’s voice and obey his word. Listening to God’s word, reflecting on God’s works, rehearsing God’s deeds, ruminating on God’s law, and more. In each case there is stress upon changed behavior as a result of our encounter with the living God.Simplify your life style. Simple living may include reducing one’s possessions, being satisfied with what you have rather than want. Learn to enjoy things without owning them. Reconsider how you spend your time and energy. Reducing your engagement with technology devices.Practice confessing your sins God and trusted people to receive forgiveness. It brings an end to pretence. Honesty leads to confession, and confession leads to change.
Real prayer is life creating and life changing. Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us. Listening to God is the most important thing for successful intercession.Solitude is not loneliness but inner fulfilment. The practice of spending time in silence without any others or any distractions. Find or develop a “quiet place” and time.Our response to the overtures of love from the heart of the Father. Learn to practice the presence of God daily. Have many different experiences of worship. Find ways to really prepare for the gathered experience of worship. Cultivate holy dependency. Learn to offer a sacrifice of worship.
Abstain from food, media, entertainment, or anything else that occupies your time and mind to prepare yourself spiritually. Being free to value other people. Their dreams and plans become important to us. It is an inner attitude of mutual subordination.God guides groups of people and can instruct the individual through the group experience. This means experiencing the direct, active, immediate leading of the Spirit together.
Through careful attention to reality the mind is enabled to move in a certain direction: Repetition, Concentration, Comprehension, ReflectionService is not a list of things that we do. It is not a code of ethics, but a way of living: hiddenness, small things, helping each other, guarding the reputation of others, being served, common courtesy, hospitality, listening, sharing the word of Life with one another.It brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong. Practice being grateful and thankful both in your own relationship with Christ and with other believers through singing, dancing, shouting, laughing. Make events into times of celebration and thanksgiving.