Staff Care

Looking after the wellbeing of staff and their families and caring for them in global contexts is both a privilege and a challenge. It is a privilege because having a job which focuses on fulfilling the second commandment is deeply satisfying. It is a challenge however, because in global organizations the contexts are complex. These pages offer ways and ideas for thinking about these issues, as well as resources for people involved in offering staff care as part of their main role, or as part of their role as leaders and line managers.

  • Ideas and Issues

    The wellbeing of our staff is impacted by so much: organizational health, community contexts and individual differences. These pages offer ways to think about these issues and links to networks that are focused more intentionally on specific contexts.

  • Staff Care Facilitators

    These pages give links to resources that can help people whose role is in staff care facilitation know where to get help, and where they can get further training.

  • Leaders & Line Managers

    Managing people well can be tricky. Here you will find resources and access to people who can support you in the looking after the staff you are supervising.