02 – Changes to Domain Structure

Internal use only 

HR Advisory Notice 02

Date: Feb 28, 2019

Subject:  Changes to HR domain structure 

Distribution: SIL Area HR leaders: Please forward this to all HR leaders.


With the implementation of the strategic workforce planning process and the review of all domain structures there have been changes made to the HR domain structure. The timing of these changes is to ensure the new structure is implemented as part of the new HR information system on the Workday platform. 


The Old HR domains were  structured as follows:
The new HR domain is structured as follows:
Education & TrainingAcademic Training
HRCare & Wellbeing
Literacy & EducationTCK Care & Education
Education & ChildcareHealth Services
Learning & DevelopmentMental Health
Admin & HRAccounting & FinancePersonnel Management
Personnel ManagementStaff Learning
RecruitingSWP & Recruiting
Office SupportSafety & Security
Facilities/ServicesHealth Services
Center Operations

New domains of Safety and Security, SWP & Recruiting, and Care and Wellbeing have been added to represent the current functions of HR in SIL.

Standard Jobs (soon to be called Job Profiles in the Workday system) associated with each of the domains have been assigned to the correct domain.

Existing staff in the old domains have been re-assigned in the domain structure according to their position titles.

Some staff assigned to the HR domains have been moved to non HR domains such as people on study programs.

Further development will include the review of the job profiles to make them more suitable for use in Workday and to reduce the number of standard descriptions we are using.

We hope these changes will allow for more effective Communities of Practice to be identified and for improved data to carry out SWP activities. 

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

No immediate action is required. When the changes have been finalised in the information system we will notify you. If you have questions please contact keith_robinson@sil.org.

Keith Robinson