Resources for Overcoming Pornography

Resources for Overcoming Pornography

How to recover from sexual addiction:

  1. Confess
  2. Build intimacy with Christ
  3. Counseling from a qualified Christian sex therapist.
  4. Accountability/mentoring/community

Resources: Information given is taken from each organization’s website or their brochure


Bravehearts offers a free sexual addiction test to see if further professional help is needed.

Bravehearts offers:

  • One on one mentoring ($495 a month),
  • Group mentoring ($89 a month),
  • Recovery maintenance.

Mentoring includes live video training, on-line communication, group accountability, small groups, and fellowship retreats.

Protect Young Minds

  • Prepare and prevent – there is a free quick start guide for parents to protect their children.  They also have the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures available ($16).
  • Heal and help – (free download) Smart plan for parents whose child has already seen porn.
  • Share and speak up – (free ambassador kit) to speak out on the national health crisis of porn.


  • Pure Justice Journey Bible study – (free download) Explore as a small group what the Scriptures have to say about exploitation, justice, purity, and love.
  • Exploited (free download) – How porn and sex trafficking are connected, and that a life of purity is an act of justice.
  • Parenting in a Sexualized Culture – (purchase 4 videos $19.99 -49.99)
  • Recovery in a Sexualized Culture – (free download) excellent starting place for help in recovery.  They list the following helps for community:
  • L.I.F.E. groups

Pure Desire groups

Samson Society meetings

Faithful and True

Freedom Begins Here


  • Free tool for self-control
    • Blocks all images on all sites.
    • Users can allow safe sites after a delay they set.
    • Program only uninstalls after a delay
    • Users can gain control of their usage.

Fight the New Drug

  • Get the Facts
    • Porn changes the brain
    • Porn kills love
    • Porn warps ideas about sex
  • Media
    • Videos
    • Images – such as porn is to sex what bathroom graffiti is to art
  • Downloads
    • Desktop wall paper
    • Family media stand – plan of action for the family
    • Porn kills love iphone wall papers
    • Fighters pledge
  • Get help
    • Fortify program – free program for teens on-line for recovery
    • FTND Resources – info on effects of porn, how to prevent exposure, and recovery from addiction


  • Men
    • Self-assessment
    • The groups – small groups in various locations
    • Embark Men’s Intensive Recovery
    • Course on-line summer of 2016
  • Women
    • Spouse assessment
    • Recovery group for wives of porn addicts
    • Telephone support group
  • Parents’ resources
    • Parenting online
    • Basic safety
    • Definitions
    • Online tools
    • Browsers for kids
    • Chat shorthand
    • Social media

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about their Kids and Sex, by AnneMarie Miller

Equipping parent to have an open biblical age-appropriate talk with their children about sex, porn, and sexual abuse.

How Pornography Harms Dr. John D. Foubert

Josh McDowell on Porn

A one stop shopping list of various resources to fight pornography.


  • Intensive 12-week study, combined with accountability. The study is often referred to as heartwork because it goes after a person’s heart through daily reflection that prompts internal change. The focus isn’t upon behavior modification, but upon the shifting of internal desires, because following rules or trusting in programs simply does nothing to address the internal sensual desires that lead to chasing after pornography or sexually compulsive behaviors. The study guides the person daily through this shift in priorities and perspectives and teaches you how to begin including all six elements into your daily life. 
  • Free materials
    • For two men working together through the study
    • Free accountability article

Every Man’s Battle

Three-day intensive workshop for men who are struggling with sexual integrity. The sessions use teaching and small groups by a licensed Christian counselors. Workshops are held monthly at cities around the U.S. this ministry is run by Stephen Arterburn and Jason Martinkus.

Free for pastors.


A Gospel-based ministry to help people recover from sexual brokenness and pornography. They offer women’s retreats for wives needing healing as a result of the use of porn by their husband. Also, men’s retreat to help men overcome pornography.

Healing for the Soul

They specialize in two main issues: sexual addictions and unwanted same sex attractions. The team serves a local, national, and international clientele using an innovative, faith-based approach that can involve individual, couples, and/or group therapy, all over the telephone or private teleconference.

Porn Pain Healed

This site has blogs, coaching, and research.

  • His porn –
    • Coaching available $100 per hour one–on-one, $125 an hour for a couple
    • Pay-What-You-Can takes 2-4 clients per month on a pay as you can basis, apply online
  • Her pain blog post
  • Healing

The Power of Purity

The Power of Purity helps men experience sex in a healthier way through 5 primary resources:

  1. The Power of Purity Conference – download 23 hours 10 minutes $24.99
  2. Books
  3. Support groups
  4. Professional Counseling
  5. The Power of Purity Podcast – each Tuesday – free


Help, hope, and healing for women with porn and sexual addiction.

  • Membership – There is a group of 2,500 online members.
  • Dirty Girls Come Clean –a recovery process made up of five steps: Surrender, Confession, Accountability, Responsibility and Sharing.
  • 90 Days to Wholeness Devotional – e-mail, eBooks, or app based
  • DGM APP- podcast, testimonials, online community, blog and more

Hope Quest Ministry Group

  • Trek – 12-week intensive residential treatment and recovery program designed for men or women 18 years of age and older who struggle with life dominating issues related to alcohol abuse (or dependence), substance abuse (or dependence) or sexual brokenness.
  • Walking Free – The Walking Free Program is a support and discipleship group which offers accountability for men struggling with life-dominating issues related to sexual brokenness. The meeting consists of a large group worship and teaching session followed by small groups of six to eight men led by a member of the leadership team.

Walking Free is a closed group, meaning that only people who have demonstrated readiness for the group are allowed to participate. New potential group participants are assessed for readiness and participate in the orientation process prior to small group participation.

The program is designed for both those who are new to recovery and for those who have been in recovery for some time. Walking Free exists to be a supportive community that serves to assist men in their ongoing recovery journey.

  • Journey – Journey is a community of women who have all experienced betrayal and loss as a result of their spouses’ struggle with life-dominating sexual sin. As a group, Journey meets weekly to give women an opportunity to grieve with others who identify with their pain, to begin breaking free from harmful and distorted patterns of thinking, to learn how to set boundaries that guard their hearts, thoughts, and behaviors, and to allow God to use authentic relationships to heal and transform them from the inside out.
  • Restore – Restore is a community of believers who have experienced God’s grace after crises of personal brokenness and now live to give back to others the grace they have experienced themselves.

Porn is Killing Me

This is a site that provides coaching and a free guide to reduce internet temptation.

  • Coaching – In the coaching program, the counselor works with 10 individuals. During that year, the client will have 2 phone calls a month, homework, challenges, and regular support. The client will also have access to all of other areas of the site.

Conquer Series

Dr. Ted Roberts teaches in six DVDs the biblical strategies, scientific facts, and teaches men how to use God’s weapons to conquer sexual sins.

This is series of protocols developed by Integrity Counseling Services to help people pursue sexual integrity.

  • Individuals – This site is designed to provide helps to individuals who are struggling with sexual behaviors.
  • Churches – ICS also offers a 10 hour protocol designed for churches that wish to see their people walk in sexual integrity. This 10 hour conference can be presented within a single week or weekend. During that week parents are taught how to protect their families.  Also, men and women are divided to address sexual issues that are specific to each gender.  These sessions are for ages 18 + as we are very direct.  
  • Pornography – ICS offers a protocol that focuses on helping men break their bond with pornography.  

Be Broken Ministries

  • Gateway to Freedom – three-day workshop for men desiring freedom from sexual struggle or stronghold.
  • Recovery Mentoring – One-on-one mentoring
  • Build Up Men – one year discipleship for post recovery men
  • Wives Coaching – One-on-one for wives of sexually addicted husbands
  • Resources – on website
  • 40-Day E-Course – daily devotional for anyone seeking sexual integrity
  • Pure Sex Radio – Weekly program to educate men and women
  • Pure Community – coming together in community
  • Support groups
  • Counselors – national network not operated by Be Broken

Heart to Heart Counseling Center

  • 3 Day Intensives: offer real solutions for individuals or couples and are designed specifically for where you are in the recovery process. You will leave with a plan for success in your recovery as well as opportunities for ongoing support.
  • 5 Day Intensives:are designed for those who may have failed in previous treatment, have significant denial, have not fully disclosed or have psychological issues. A 5 Day Intensive gives the individual or couple more time to thoroughly get to their causes and solutions.
  • Individual counseling
  • Partner counseling


An app that will empower a movement more powerful than addiction by equipping, connecting, and inspiring addicts towards recovery.

The user can stay connected to friends, track recovery, and learn what it takes to find freedom.

The team of experts has over 20,000 hours of experience in recovery, therapy, and healing from porn/sex addiction.

Built by addicts, for addicts.