SIL International Interview Questions for Positions Working with Children and Youth

SIL International Interview Questions for Positions
Working with Children or Youth

Interviewers: Send this form to the applicant ahead of time and have them fill in their responses. Have the applicant bring the filled in form to the interview. Make any additions/modifications during the interview. Let the applicant review the final form before signing off on it. Interviewer will submit to their HR director or Child Safety Coordinator for recording purposes.



Position Applied For:


  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. With what group of children would you prefer to work? Why?
  3. Tell me about your volunteer work or experiences working with children and your giftedness/skills that may enhance your ability to work with them.
  4. Give an example of something you have had to learn to do quickly. As you reflect on it, how well do you think it went? How did you apply the new information?
  5. In school or work, there may be times when we have to follow policies that we may not understand or make sense to us. Did you follow the rules, even though you may not agree with them? How did you handle the situation?
  6. Describe two frustrating child situations you have ever had to deal with and how you handled them. (either your children or ones in your care)
  7. Have you ever intentionally hurt or harmed a child? Tell us about that? Have you ever abused or molested a child?
  8. Describe a time when you were personally supportive and reassuring to a child who needed a friend. How did you know the child was in need?
  9. Tell me about a time when someone commended you for your good judgment and common sense. What was the situation?
  10. What is your perspective about the use of pornography? What is your experience with the use of pornography or sexually explicit materials? What do you do when you inadvertently encounter sexually suggestive material on TV, internet sites, or social media?  
  • Have you intentionally viewed sexually suggestive images in the last year?
  • If NO, interview is complete.
  • If YES, What kind of sexual images have you viewed? How many times in the past year have you viewed these images? Have you ever viewed child-related sexually explicit materials? What approach do you currently take to manage your media viewing practices?

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