Global Education & Care Orientation (GECO)

June 2023 Orlando, FL

Presented by SIL’s Global TCK Care & Education (TC&E)

GECO is an interactive, week-long orientation providing essential information for anyone who is interested in serving Missionary Kids (MKs) and Third Culture Kids (TCKs). This includes educators boarding home parents, youth workers and related positions (tutors, school administrators, etc.) preparing to serve or a refresher for those changing roles in their overseas location. You do not need to be in an application process with Wycliffe USA to attend this orientation. You can receive graduate credit while you attend.

This orientation will give you knowledge and experiences to maximize your success in serving missionary kids/third culture kids (MKs/TCKs).

Topics covered include the following:

  • Building Relationships with MKs
  • Supporting MK Change & Transition
  • The Impact of Crisis & Trauma on Kids
  • Preparing for Cultural Diversity in Your Ministry
  • Understanding Biblical and Other Worldviews

There will be team-building activities, testimonies by Wycliffe and SIL staff who have served around the world, and simulations to allow you to experience different cultural norms. There will be specialized sessions for itinerant teachers, boarding home parents, and youth workers, as needed. A program to prepare children for upcoming transitions is provided for kids who have both parents attending GECO.

We invite you to come and check it out. Experienced teaching staff is available to answer questions, discuss various opportunities, and pray with you.

“I am loving Mexico and my kids. I miss my family and friends—which is really the only costly thing for me. I am blessed. I think of you guys at GECO often and how well I think I was prepared. That is still in my top 3 conferences. And it is still probably the one I learned the most from.” —Peggy (MK Teacher)

Wycliffe Bible Translators (USA Headquarters)
11221 John Wycliffe Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32832
(a 20-minute drive from the Orlando International Airport)

June 25-July 1, 2023
GECO usually starts on a Sunday evening and goes through Friday evening, with people leaving Saturday morning.

Includes registration costs and room and board at the Wycliffe USA apartments.

  • $650 per participating adult
  • $400 per accompanying spouse (please note word change here)
  • $450 per child (11-18 years old) – includes *children’s program
  • $300 per child (0-10 years old) – includes *children’s program

Course Specifics:

  • A certificate is awarded upon completion for twenty-six contact hours.
  • Graduate credit, 3 quarter hours (2 semester hours) is available from Seattle Pacific University.

For more information about costs or if you have other questions, write

To register, click here.