Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, our teachers have encountered new tech tools and ways of learning that, if properly utilized, can help strengthen remote and in-person education in the long run. Even video conferencing can be used in new ways; for example, sending a positive “video note,” conferencing with parents, or discussing social and educational issues with a group of students.

Our creative and innovative educators have discovered some effective sites and apps and ways to make them work:

Activity-based apps



  • Make self-paced learning with interactive video lessons. 
  • Can add questions for students to answer while watching a video
  • Tracks how students do with the video assignments


  • Integrates with various apps (free)
  • Provides game templates online (scavenger hunt, quiz show, board game), word puzzles (to be printed), flashcards and other activities
  • Provides demos of each and instructions on how to use the templates


  • For vocabulary words and other knowledge-based content (free)
  • Provides study flashcards
  • Covers areas of science, foreign language, arts & humanities, math, social sciences and others.
  • Examples



  • A Chrome extension that enables students and teachers to log in to their applications.
  • Can be used at home and at school

Google Classroom


  • A learning platform for meaningful student engagement
  • Student takes pictures of work to upload for teacher
  • Student can record thoughts/explanations about work
  • Teacher can share work with parents
  • Video explanation

Interactive Assessment Tools:


  • An interactive assessment tool that allows teachers to check for knowledge with premade questions.
  • Access to 3,000 Edulastic assessments, 38,000 standard-tied questions, and 30 question types
  • Integrates with Google Classroom, Clever, and several others


  • Video discussion platform to enable discussion between teachers and students. 
  • Can assign a question, give a due date, and students can record their answer, review their response, and post it to the grid. [Free and paid versions]. 
  • Explanation


  • A way to teach and give assignments online and where students can complete the work.
  • Can turn PDF worksheets into interactive assignments.
  • Saves paper


  • An interactive presentation software that can take polls and collect responses
  • Students respond on phone and responses are collected from everyone immediately and displayed on screen if hooked up to the computer
  • Can display one-word answers as a wordle or word cloud


  • Works with Google Slides (free and paid versions)
  • Provides interaction and formative assessment in conjunction with Google Slides
  • Has training videos

Other apps can be found in Integrating Technology in the Third Culture Kid Classroom.