Traditional School Option

When considering the option of a school where you live, there are many variations of this option between faith-based schools and secular schools. Available faith-based schools could include an SIL-run school, another group’s school, a multi-group school, or a boarding school. Secular schools would include international schools and national schools. Some international schools will have a cooperative agreement with faith-based organizations which will lower the cost to families. However, these agreements are happening less and less.

As you consider these options, some things to think about include:

  • impact for further education in parents’ home country
  • school environment (faith-based vs. secular, international vs. national)
  • fit for the child (learning style, academic and language level)
  • location (length of commute, classmate proximity, ability to be involved in extra-curricular activities)
  • cost (tuition and fees for registration, extra-curricular activities, and capital expenses)
  • availability (is there space for your children)

School Profiles

The profiles here provide an overview of many schools around the world. Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement from Global TCK Care & Education, but rather provides information for families. We recommend that you directly contact the school or visit their website for the most up-to-date information.

Using National Schools

Are you considering using a national school for your children? The resources below will help you consider the factors you need to be aware of if you chose a national school.

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Using the National Schools Successfully

This is a three part series posted by PACE, a group who focuses on training and providing resources for educational consultants for families working overseas. This series features a panel focusing on national schools as an educational option for expatriate families.

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