Types of Traditional Schools

Traditional schools can be defined through their identity. 

National Schools

National Schools are public or private, established and regulated by the host country, whose main constituency is national families. MKs are likely welcome. Staffing is national. Fees are typically not subsidized or discounted for families of ex-pat Christian workers but are often affordable. The curriculum varies greatly based on the country and locally-available resources.

International Schools

International Schools have been established to serve families working internationally. National students are sometimes served. MKs are welcome. Fees are unaffordable for MK families. The staff is international and hired directly by the school. The curriculum typically varies between a North American emphasis and a British emphasis with a secular worldview overlay.

International Christian Schools

International Christian Schools have been established to serve international and or national families who desire an international, Christian education. There is a desire to serve MKs. Fees are discounted somewhat. Staff is hired directly. Some international Christian schools accept staff from organizations like TC&E through an agreement (MOU), which provide further discounts for our TCKs. The curriculum varies frp, a North American emphasis to a British emphasis with a Christian worldview permeating the programs.

MK Schools

MK Schools were established for, and continue to have as the majority, MK families. Fees are greatly discounted for those families. In most cases, teachers are supplied by mission agencies at little cost to the school, with the agreement (MOU) that schools will provide recompense. Some MK schools provide stipends or other compensation directly to seconded staff. The curriculum varies from a North American to a British emphasis with a Christian worldview permeating the programs.