Links for Helping Struggling Children


21 Teaching Tips for Homeschooling Parents of Kids with Learning
Blog post with good tips for homeschoolers.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities
Support, Advocacy and Assistive Technology to Facilitate the Transition to Higher Education. If your child is soon moving on to college, this site can give you some key resources to helm this through this transition and to know the resources available for them.

Dr. Richard Lavoie resources
Resources include a simulation experience How Difficult Can this Be?: The F.A.T. City Workshop, along with DVDs and books on other issues an LD child might experience.

Homeschooling and Learning Disabilities
Blog post with some good suggestions if you are homeschooling your special needs child.

LD Online
One of the most comprehensive and respected informational websites on learning disabilities (LD) and attention-deficit disorders (ADHD)

Teaching High School Students with Learning Disabilities Online
The descriptions of learning disabilities or challenges may be oversimplified, but that might also make them more understandable.

Total Life Counseling (TLC)
Website of Jim West’s counseling ministry in Orlando, FL. He specializes in working with ADHD and social skills issues and includes articles, links, and resources.

Understood: for learning and attention issues
This site is full of resources. Here are some we found exceptionally helpful:

Common Modifications and Accommodations is aimed at teachers.

Through Your Child’s Eyes has simulations to help you experience what your child/student does.

Articles on this site:

Using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Elvin Klassen
If we can develop ways to teach and learn by engaging all seven intelligences, we will increase the possibilities for students’ success.

Children’s Speech: When Should a Parent be Concerned? – Part 1 by Pam Gentry
First of a two-part series on children’s speech disorders. Angela is a talkative seven-year-old with an endearing lisp. Even though her permanent front teeth have grown in, Angela still pronounces some words like…

Children’s Speech: What Can a Parent Do? – Part 2 By Pam Gentry
This is the second of a two-part series on children’s speech disorders.