Reflections from a Wheelchair

September 2018
Tim Ford 

My name is Tim and I am a believer. I work with people to help them understand more about special needs, and how to better help children and adults. I am in a wheelchair with high needs; however, I see it as a blessing because I can give out to people and I meet really nice people who I may not otherwise meet.

‘Something hurts, it’s my right foot’

You have special needs too — a really big thing to understand and think about when you are helping your children. Your foot might need attention, too, at times. You can maybe walk and talk; however, you need help with some things. Understanding this can help you to feel more comfortable helping them, more patient, and I think that they will pick up on it. 

Having good communication with your children and with the school is key to many things. In the Bible, Jesus communicated well with whoever he came across. He got people to understand what he was teaching about, made it very clear. When I was at school sometimes people misunderstood me and I felt so frustrated. 

If you are finding things hard, try to slow your thinking down without getting frustrated about the issue. Try to think what went wrong, or what was not the best. After this, think and ask the Spirit “How can I make it better, what can I do better?”

Never feel embarrassed and scared to stand up for your children. They are worth it!