HomeLife Academy

HomeLife Academy is an official private school serving thousands of home educators. HomeLife Academy does not provide textbooks or materials. Parents are responsible for providing these materials. HomeLife Academy allows families to choose their own curriculum.

Our homeschool diplomas have been accepted by colleges and universities all over the nation, from the University of Central Florida to Ivy League colleges to the Air Force Academy. Our goal is simple: provide support, record-keeping, and counseling services, to help “Light the Fires” of education in your children and encourage you – the parent – to keep steady on the journey.

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Year Founded
Tuition Fees
We are proud to offer student registration discounts to all missionaries. Missionaries will only pay the annual processing fee and if applicable, the
Other Fees
$60 Annual Family Processing Fee ($70 after August 1st) $20 K-8th per Student Registration ($100 Student Registration Max*) $40 9-12th per Student Reg

Curriculum Information


Parents choose their own books.

A minimum of 4 courses is recommended.

  • English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
  • Math
  • Plus two additional courses* of your choice.
  • Middle school students typically take more than four courses.

*Additional Courses

Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, P.E., Bible, or other courses not listed. Keep in mind that these additional courses can be things you do every day that you may not think of as “school work.”  See examples.

  • Science –  simple experiments, nature walks, regular discussions about the things that go on around them.
  • P.E. – this can include playtime every day or playgroups, etc.
  • Bible – this can include Sunday School, Awanas, or other programs that meet regularly.

Younger students are so curious and WANT to learn new things. Take advantage of every opportunity. This is the time when you have the most flexibility to teach those things that most interest the student. These additional areas of study should be based on the student’s passions and interests. Spiritual development is also a vital part of training but is not an academic requirement with HLA. Families are welcome to give a grade for Bible if you desire. Parents may use a formal or informal method of schooling.


HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported two times per year.

Membership with the Association of Christian Schools International