Little Arthur Independent School

We only take small numbers of students so that we can give each one the support they need. Students can start courses at any point in the year, provided spaces are available.

United Kingdom
07969 312143
Tuition Fees
KS3 £165 per course, IGCSE £265 per course, both including p&p

Please apply via our website.

Curriculum Information

11 – 16 years

We follow the UK National Curriculum for KS3, and the Cambridge International Curriculum for IGCSE.


We provide complete courses, including textbooks and additional materials where appropriate. Each course contains a series of assignments which can be posted or emailed back to the school for marking. At the end of every course there is an assessment to determine the student’s progress.

Teaching Helps

The tutor is available throughout the course to provide feedback, additional guidance and suggestions for further study – and any other help that the student needs with their studies!

International students are welcome to email assignments if this is more convenient.