NorthStar Academy-US

NorthStar Academy is an online private Christian School that currently offers students in grades 4-12 a complete academic and diploma-granting program.

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Year Founded
Tuition Fees
The total for tuition at NorthStar is dependent on the type of courses and how many courses students are registered for. Most students register for a full school year, which typically averages around $4,000-$4,500 depending on the courses, but some are part time students, who only register for one or two courses. You can see course costs here:
Other Fees
There is a $75 Registration Fee once per school year. If you choose a payment plan, there is also a payment plan fee associated. More information about payment plans here:

NorthStar Academy offers an online registration process.

Internet access required. Additional information for technical requirements here:

Curriculum Information


NorthStar Academy offers over 200 courses. Choose from the core classes of Language Arts (English), Math, Science, Social Studies, as well as electives, including Bible, College and Career, College and Life Preparation, Computers and Electronics, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, PE, and Health.


NorthStar offers two main programs: our Virtual Program (VRP) and our Enriched Virtual Program (EVP).

For VRP, students are allowed 52 weeks to complete 36 weeks of course material for a year long course, and 26 weeks to complete 18 weeks of course material for a semester course. This program is flexible, allowing the student to complete course work at their own pace and meet with their teacher as needed.

For EVP, the courses are structured like a typical school year, beginning in late August and ending mid-June. This program adheres to a firm schedule and offers weekly live sessions with their teacher and the other students in the course. Assignments also have more strict due dates, allowing for more accountability.

Teaching Helps

NorthStar Academy has a qualified teaching staff of 80+ teachers covering all subjects. Each course has a teacher and they are available to help the student throughout their entire course.


High School Graduation requirements include a minimum of 13 core credits and 11 elective credits, a total of 24 credits. We also offer an Advanced Diploma which requires a minimum of 15 core credits and 11 elective credits, a total of 26 credits. A year-long course (2 semesters) receives 1 credit. A one-semester course receives .5 credit. As an accredited school, NorthStar Academy maintains a school grade report for elementary and middle school students and a full transcript for high school students.

NorthStar Academy holds dual accreditation from Cognia through the regional office of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). (