Nova Scotia Department of Education

Approximately 2800 course enrollments annually. Students study at home. Parental approval is required, if student is under age 16.

Year Founded
Tuition Fees
Nova Scotia residents grade registration fee: Grades 7-12 = $128 per course.
Other Fees
Non-residents: Grades 7-12 = $144 to $262.50 (3 times the registration fee.)

Students can apply in person or by mail. Courses are available to students who normally live in Nova Scotia but are temporarily living abroad with parents or guardians. Courses may also be taken to su

Curriculum Information


Nova Scotia public school program grades 1 – 12 and 13 technical courses. Arrangements can be made with other provincial correspondence schools for the use of related courses and/or programs.


53 teachers mark lesson assignments and provide instructive comments. Students are assigned to individual markers and they are required to send assignments to the marker regularly.

Teaching Helps

Markers grade lesson assignments and provide comments, instructions and corrections. A final supervised examination is written in the region where the student resides. Final examinations begin at grade 9.


An automated student information system maintains the marks for student. Certificates and/or diplomas are issued following the successful completion of courses or programs.

Nova Scotia Department of Education, Canada. (Public School Program)