University of Nebraska High School

The accredited curriculum mirrors University of Nebraska’s global student body. They have students from all 50 United States and 135 countries. Courses reflect the realization that students come from many different countries, ethnic backgrounds, and cultures. Instructional materials emphasize a global approach to content and activities, particularly relevant in our world today.

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Tuition Fees
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Administrative Fee: The administrative fee is $50 per course and is non-refundable Textbooks: Textbook and material costs vary by course.

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Our distance education high school serves schools and students worldwide. As a leader in distance education since 1929, our school today offers you rigorous curriculum with 24/7 availability. We offer

Curriculum Information


Designed as a college pre program for the academic student, a wide range of courses (125) are available. The following are compulsory: English (3 units): English OR Foreign L. (1 unit); Math (2 units); Science (2 units); Social Studies (3 units); Career Plan & Financial Skills (1/2 U@) Electives (9 units). 20 units are needed in all for a diploma./nl


Courses are self-paced and designed for the independent learner. Complete courses in five weeks to one year. No age or grade requirements to take courses. Students enrolled in a local school may take individual courses for credit transfer. Courses develop lifelong learning habits, time management, and self-discipline skills.

Teaching Helps

High school teachers certificated by the Nebraska Department of Education, endorsed in their subject area, and experienced in teaching at a distance are available at checkpoints throughout each course.


Student who meet specific requirements established by the schools are granted an accredited diploma.

Regional and state accreditation