WES Home School

World-wide Education Service (WES) supplies tutorial based learning courses to enable parents to teach their children at home either on a full time or ‘top-up’ basis.

WES offers:

  • Reception and Foundation courses for 4-5 year olds
  • Courses in English, Mathematics Science and Humanities from 5 -14
  • Single subjects to complement local schooling
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Tutorial support, advice and assessment
  • Educational books and materials
  • Easy to follow courses which require no previous teaching experience
  • Courses which can be started at any time of the year
United Kingdom
44 (0)1228 577123
Waverley House, Penton
Carlisle Cumbria

United Kingdom
Year Founded
Tuition Fees
Nursery Course ages 3-4 = £1200 or £400 per term ; Reception ages 4-5 = £1500 or £500 per term ; Primary 5-11 £1992 or £664 per term, Secondary £2184 pa or £728 per term
Other Fees
Book costs are approximately £600 pa for full Primary and Secondary courses; £500 pa for Reception.* There are additional charges for, maths and science equipment

Application should be made in writing or in person to the email address on this page. Students may sign up for the full curriculum course or individual courses as required. Some families use WES to supplement, where necessary, local school education.

Each family is allocated a WES personal tutor who provides help, support and guidance as families work through their courses.

Curriculum Information

4 – 14 years

The curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum of England. Core subjects: English, mathematics, science. Foundation subjects: History and geography. Elements of art, design technology, information technology and religious education are included within the humanities programme. Off the shelf French courses at top primary and secondary level are also available.


WES scheme relies on the active participation of the parent as teacher and is not a correspondence course as such. Lessons need to be prepared and regular periods of time must be devoted to teaching and marking. However, there is no set timetable and the courses are flexible.

Teaching Helps

All teaching notes are presented in folders, organised by subject for Primary and Secondary. The courses are designed for families to follow with ease and very well written and no previous teaching experience is required.


At regular intervals (usually 6 weeks) the parent-teacher submits samples of the child’s work to the WES tutor together with an assessment of the child’s progress. The tutor will make any comments she feels are helpful and answers any queries families may have.