HR Community

The global HR community of SIL and Alliance organisations is complex and intertwined. The HR community pages are being built so we can all understand each other’s teams, contacts and services.

  • Leaders Space

    This space has been created to enable HR leaders from any organization to create a Q&A about HR matters, and to have access to a copy of policy documents that you can leave comments on – in preparation for the next iteration of the document. If there are other features you think would be helpful please contact missionHR

  • Healthy Teams

    HR teams or departments are in many ways like other teams, but HR staff also have additional pressures of dealing with different personnel issues and seeking to enable the wellbeing of other individuals and teams. This space has been created to allow the HR community to share ideas on how to maintain their HR teams.

  • Being Connected

    HR staff are often needing to talk with HR staff in other organizations. With constantly changing staff, this section will enable you to browse and find the relevant staff and contact details across as many organizations as we can encourage to share their contacts.

  • HR Team News

    This section will seek to provide news, comings and goings in the HR community, notes from global meetings and other announcements. It will include back copies of the HR Chronicle.

  • Discussions

    This section will invite contributions to topical discussions so you have a place to contribute topics to HR in mission from a global perspective. If you have  a topic, please contact missionHR to have it posted. These discussions can be professional, topical or missiological in nature.