Course Conection

Internal Use only 

HR Advisory Notice 21

Date: September 12, 2019

Subject: Course Connections

Distribution:  SIL Area HR leaders – Forward to all HR staff and Unit leaders and Unit HR teams

Alliance Representatives – forward to Organisation and your team members

Cc: HeRMiTs where appropriate please forward to your teams 


For many months SIL HR has been developing an online learning platform that will give access to HR related training actions to SIL and Wycliffe staff. 


The site has now been released at The majority of the newer courses are worded so they are NOT SIL specific, and have been designed and built to represent HR best practice, much of which started as joint discussions between organisations at the Plum Triangle. I am extremely grateful to all who have worked to get the site and courses to this point. Further courses are in development.

To log on, if you are SIL, JAARS or Wycliffe US staff, you can use the standard site to log in as you do for many other systems such as the Gateway. If you are not staff of one of those three, you can try to log on by selecting Other Partners. This should work if you have used Other Partners for other sites in the past. (Soon Other Partners will be replaced by SIL Partners.) If these options do not work for you, you can request a personal account by clicking on the link and completing the short form.

Features of the site include:

  • Free access to all but one course so far (Global Education & Care Orientation -GECO)
  • Self-enrollment for most courses (four child safety courses require enrollment through; for GECO contact
  • Courses so far are in the categories of Child-Related, Leadership, Security Training, and Information Technology
  • The coming  possibility to earn electronic micro-credentials (badges) for demonstrated learning
  • Tie-ins to the HR website Mission HR
  • Hosting for courses developed by other departments such as Global Technology & Information Services

This will be the digital learning platform for courses presented through the People Learning & Development team. Some courses required for SIL personnel will also be hosted in Workday to facilitate tracking, but they will still be in Course-Connections so they will be available to people in partner organizations. When we have a greater catalogue of courses to offer we will announce them to other missions.

Courses provided by SIL International Language Services Training will continue to be found in Cornerstone.

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

Please advise others of this resource. If you have any questions please contact