Description of SIL Staff Onboarding

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HR Advisory Notice 12 Onboarding SIL Staff


Subject:  SIL Onboarding

Distribution:  SIL Area HR leaders . please forward to Unit HR departments

Alliance Representatives Please forward to organisation or members of your teams. 

Cc: HeRMiTs where applicable please forward to your teams. 



There has been a good deal of conversation, documents and consultation about onboarding of staff to SIL. However, there has been no single place of definition or description of what is now meant by onboarding of staff. There has been discussion about onboarding but we have not defined it. 

On boarding is a term used in Workday and what is included in the Workday term isn’t the same as what is referred to by SIL as onboarding. The chart in appendix A shows Onboarding in the context of other HR process steps. 


Description of SIL’s Proposed Onboarding

SIL defines onboarding as the process SIL uses with a potential staff person from the point of talking to them about an assignment to the point they have completed their local orientation or three months into their first assignment. The principal pieces of onboarding follow. Details of each of these elements are linked.

  • Exploring possible assignment interest
  • Screening 
  • Offering of a proposed assignment
  • Required training
  • Signing of agreements
  • Orientation to SIL International
  • Orientation to the Area of assignment
  • Orientation to the Unit of assignment
  • Orientation to the role (the actual assignment).

If you have questions about any of these phases of onboarding please contact your Area HR in the first instance who will seek clarification from Global where needed.

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

Appendix A