Emergency Contact Access

Internal Use only 

HR Advisory Notice 

Date: April 6th 2019

Subject:  Emergency contact protocols changed and list is complete. 

Distribution: SIL Area HR leaders please forward to all HR and Unit leaders

                       AO representatives please make HR departments aware

                      Area Crisis Management teams forward to Unit level CM staff. 


With the increased concern regarding who has access to what information, the Alliance Organisations who send people to SIL have concluded that SIL should no longer have direct access to the staff person’s emergency contact information as this is usually a local national contact that has nothing to do with SIL. The following advice is the new protocol for notifying and connecting to emergency contacts.


As in all HR processes, there are two halves that make the process work: the SIL half and the Alliance organisation half.

The Alliance Organisations on the HR Advisory  board (representing 89% of seconded staff) have agreed that they will have someone available to SIL 24/7 who can access the emergency information of their members. Some AO’s will have a dedicated phone number, others will have a list of people SIL HR will need to phone (going down the list until they get a person).  This list is available here as a maintained list in Workday.  Those on the list will receive an updated PDF file emailed monthly as a prompt to update the list if there have been changes! The primary reason to send it out is because of requests to have a PDF version that crisis management staff could load onto their Smartphones so that they would always have the list available to them.

This relates to critical incidents involving a staff person, not for Crisis Management. Incidents might include death of a member, death of a family member, emergency medical evacuation, serious security incident, attempted suicide.  

SIL has developed the Contact and Emergency Information Agreement that those serving with SIL are required to sign.  By signing, the person agrees to maintain current/accurate Contact and Emergency Information in Workday. Signing this and other Agreements* is part of the Onboarding process for new staff intending to serve with SIL. Only the staff person and their sending organization can view, access and edit the Emergency Contact Information in Workday. 

*A communication and implementation plan for current staff to sign the HR Agreements is under development and will be shared in the near future. 

Since accessing an emergency contact through the AO contact person might cause a delay in response, SIL Units will need to make provision for this in their emergency preparedness plans. If an SIL Unit cannot contact a sending organisation, they will need to make decisions based on the available data. 

This arrangement will be monitored for 24 months and reviewed at the end of this time by the HR leadership Consortium (HR Board). 

Actions requested of  SIL Unit leaders:

All SIL units are required to post an emergency contact person to the list (see link above) that is maintained in Workday. Units are asked to contact updates@workdayteam.org

any time a change needs to be made to keep it up to date. Until a Unit posts a contact name the Unit director’s name will be included in the list.