SIL HR Policy Framework

This content relates to SIL.

  • Duty of Care

    This policy group describes SIL’s responsibility to staff and other people who use SIL’s services or products. Duty of Care in all forms is assessing risk, informing people and mitigating or reducing risk where an organization can.

  • Staffing & Placement

    This policy group addresses SIL’s workforce management and details how SIL will, in general terms, expect staff to be decided and that SIL will treat its staff fairly in how it engages with them.

  • Staff Behaviour

    This policy says there will be a staff behaviour standard, a code of conduct that defines the behaviors, positive and prohibited, of staff, and provides a definition of terms. If there needs to be staff discipline, it is based on this staff code of conduct.

  • Response to Staff Misconduct

    These documents in this section describe SIL’s response to any allegations of staff misconduct.

  • Care & Wellbeing

    This policy group defines SIL’s intention to take care of its staff, and the importance of the Community of Grace. The guidelines provide information in the areas of mental health, physical health, staff care and the protection of children. Also included in this policy group are the documents supporting SIL’s Third Culture Kids (TCK) and education activities.

  • Staff Engagement

    This policy group describes SIL’s intention in its line management of staff. It details SIL’s intention to ensure all staff have adequate supervision, defined work goals that align to operational planning, and individual development plans, plus SIL’s commitment to keep seconded staff’s sending organizations informed.

  • HR Administration

    This policy group is a collection of important topics, but does not fit one of the main six policy groups.

  • HR Staff Agreements

    These are the agreements SIL has with its staff. A chart is provided to show which staff groups are expected to sign which group of agreements.