New Risk Assessment Protocols

Internal Use only 

HR Advisory Notice #8

Date:              April 11th, 2019

Subject:         Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile – form completion process

Distribution:  SIL Area HR leaders: forward to all Unit leaders with a CC to all Unit HR Directors

                        AO representatives –  forward to Units and relevant departments 


The Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile form is completed by the Unit to summarize the current risks known by the Unit for their geographical area. This form is to be completed (reviewed and updated) once a year or when a significant change occurs in the assessment. The Unit Director is responsible for the contents of the form. Once the form is approved, it is sent to the Crisis Management office where it will be placed in a centralized location that is accessible to all Sending Organizations. Sending Organizations can then go to this centralized location to find summary profiles for any and all SIL assignment locations. 

This form is the only form SIL will be creating for unit summary profiles. It will replace the current forms in use by Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Canada. It is our desire that this form will meet the needs of all Sending Organization who have local legal expectations placed on them to demonstrate their duty of care to their members 1


New Process

  1. Each field unit must download a blank Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile form from the Country Assessment Profile Template folder in Google Drive. Anyone with the link can download this form. You must download the form for it to work. 
  2. A good practice would be to immediately save the blank form before you begin to complete it.
    1. Select the File option from the menu bar and then Save As from the drop down menu. 
    2. As you do this, the system will ask you to give the form a name and a folder to which to save it.
    3. It would be good to adopt a consistent naming practice and a folder for all Risk Assessments
    4. The Crisis Management office requests the following a naming convention to:
              <unit name>_<YYYYMMDD>_Unit Risk Summary Profile.pdf
      (example: Peru_20190501_Unit Risk Summary Profile.pdf). 
  3. Complete the form by clicking the appropriate box for each category of risk and filling in the blanks when requested. Please complete all 4 sections.
  4. If you are unable to complete the form in a single session, then simply Save the document using the File>Save steps explained above. When you are able to return to the document, just open the document and resume answering the questions.
  5. Once all the sections have been answered, Save the document. 
  6. Send the completed and approved Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile PDF to the Crisis Management Office at <>. Be sure to attach the PDF file to the e-mail.
  7. When the Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile is received by the Crisis Management team, they will move the completed form to a centralized Completed Country Assessment Profile folder. The permissions on the file will be set to Read Only but downloadable.
  8. When a Sending Organization desires to review a specific Country Assessment Profile, they will go to the centralized  Completed Country Assessment Profile folder, and find the desired document. They then can read it online or download it.

1  For some Alliance Organisations, this form is required for them to continue to send staff to your Unit.

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

All Units are asked to complete the new form (which has additional questions than before) for the entire geographical location but add additional forms for each location that would need a different Unit Summary Risk Assessment Profile.     Please complete this by the end of July