Required Use of SIL Invitation Templates

Internal Use only 

25 HR Advisory Notice: Required Use of SIL Invitation Templates

Date: 5 November 2019

Subject:  Required use of SIL Invitation Templates Begins1 December


  • SIL Area HR leaders – Forward to all Unit HR teams & Area Workday Support staff
  • Alliance Representatives – forward to Organisation and your team members.
  • Cc: HeRMiTs, where appropriate please forward to your teams
  • If there is a Collegial organisation located within your Area, you might want to send this to their HR leader as an FYI 

Effective 1 December 2019, SIL requires all SIL Units/Areas to use the SIL invitation templates when they communicate with the Sending Organizations (SO) about a person they want to invite – for any type of position assignment.

Wow! Where did that come from, you ask!!!!

PROBLEM #1:  Several SO’s have contacted SIL multiple times to advise that the SIL units are still not sending all the information that is needed for the SO to start the International Assignment in Workday.  One SO advised SIL last week that of the 40 requests they received, only 1 had enough information in it for the HR person to Start International Assignment. That person used the SIL invitation template. 

PROBLEM #2: An invitation is needed for ANY request for a position assignment: New person (obvious); return from Home Assignment, additional job, change of assignment within a Unit etc. Before, there was no  ‘thinking’ needed about an actual invitation document for people returning from SRP (now Home Assignment), as the information was already in Insite.  These processes have all changed now that SIL and the Alliance organizations (AO’s) are using Workday. Workday doesn’t handle the Home Assignment process like Insite facilitated the SRP process.  SIL didn’t do any ‘invitations’ for adding an additional job, because SIL just added that themselves.

SOLUTION: SIL has created six specific invitation templates that include all the required information that is needed for the Workday Start International Assignment (IA) process. 

Until now, SIL have just advised you that these templates are available and would be very helpful to use. However, after 5 months trying to communicate well between SIL and the SO’s, the conclusion has been reached that we need to standardize this communication. 


  • In order for the SO HR person to complete the Start International Assignment  process, they need to have ALL the required information available to them at that time.  If part is missing, they either cannot begin the process, or they have to cancel the process while they wait to get the additional information.  This requires emails and delay on both sides. Because everyone is so new to this, the simplest way forward is to have one format for the information to be in – and for all SIL units to use that format.
  • The Invitation templates also provide comment fields for SIL HR to keep track of the general information the person and SO need to know, as well as to include any links to information documents that you want to share or agreements or understanding that has been reached between all parties.  These documents can be your record of the pre-field and assignment conversations. It may help you to remind yourself of the 1-Understanding the SIL revised Invitation and Assignment Process.

This may seem like more paperwork and more procedure for the sake of process. But in reality this is about SIL being a good partner to the organisations that supply our workforce. We need to be diligent in providing what they need in the same way we desire that they provide us with the information we desire to process assignments. Each time you complete one of these forms for a fellow HR worker, you are in effect blessing them and making their job easier. That in turn will ensure the work you as a SIL HR person needs is able to be done effectively and in a timely way.  


Ensure the Area Workday support folks and the Unit HR staff know:

  • Access this folder: Invitation Resources
  • Read the Instructions 1a – How to use the Invitation Template
  • Download the templates –
  • Each SIL unit should customize the templates into the specific invitation documents for their unit: The comments in the documents are meant to provide guidance to you for using the template.  To assist everyone with this, it is best if the information is kept in the same order it appears on the template.
    • If you already have letterhead or an invitation document you have used, please just copy and paste all the information from the SIL template into your existing document.
    • If you have normally just used email, please create your own RO invitation by titling this template to reflect your unit.  Example: SIL Cameroon Branch Conditional (Pipeline) Invitation. When you use it, add the person’s name. Example: SIL CAB Conditional (Pipeline) Invitation – Smith, Joe
  • When completing the invitation, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Does the information in your invitation agree with the details in the Job Requisition?  If some of the details have changed, please note in the invitation that what the invitation contains is the official information.
    • Is this position currently filled by someone else?  If so, complete the ‘End International Assignment’ process prior to when the SO starts the IA process. Remember to check ‘Overlap Allowed’ when ending the IA to allow both people in the position for up to three months.
    • When relevant, do the start dates for the work assignment and the end dates for the home assignment align? 
    • Do the hours per week/part time or full time match? If the person filling the position is less than 40 hours, it should be marked as part-time.   If this information has changed from what was in the Job Req, please note in the invitation that what the invitation contains is the official information.
  • Following the Communication Protocol listed below, beginning 1 December 2019, Wycliffe USA HR coordinators, for example, will not start any International Assignments (IA’s) without a completed Invitation (using the SIL templates).
    • Other SO’s may choose to follow this same action. It is up to them to decide. SIL’s use of the invitation templates can avoid time delays and frustration on everyone’s part.  

While this notice is about Invitations, the following protocol should be used for all communication. We are all on a steep learning curve. Each of us in SIL and the Alliance organizations needs to proactively seek assistance – SIL units from the SIL Areas (and Global HR); SO HR staff from their supervisors. We hope that the following protocol will help everyone get the assistance they need so that they can communicate well with each other.

  • Communication Protocol beginning 1 December 2019: 
    • SO to SIL RO: SIL agrees that the SO can return to the sender – any incomplete invitation or request to Start IA.

      • The SO will request that the SIL RO use the Invitation template and will provide the SIL RO with the link to the Instructions for using the template.
      • If unresolved, the SO will copy the relevant SIL Area HR director – so that they can be aware & assist with training, if needed. 
      • When the complete invitation is received, the SO will initiate the Start IA process.
    • SIL RO to the SO:  If there is a mistake made or a delay in action on the part of the SO,

      • the SIL RO will contact the relevant SO HR person, copying the SIL Area Workday Support person, indicating the problem that needs to be resolved. The Workday Support person may recognize the problem or be able to give advice towards a solution.
      • if the problem remains unresolved, the SIL RO will copy the SO HR person’s supervisor .
      • If the problem persists, the SIL Area HR director will contact Lynn Onken so she can connect with the SO for resolution and/or for further training for the SO.

Standing by for your questions.



Director for HR Processes

SIL Global HR