Use of Personal Attributes in Pre-Field Training

Internal Use only 

HR Advisory Notice 14 

Date: Aug 3rd

Subject:  Use of Personal Attributes in Pre Field Training

Distribution:  SIL Area HR leaders – Forward  to all HR staff and Unit leaders and Unit HR teams

Alliance Representatives – forward to Organisation and your team members

Cc: HeRMiTs where appropriate, please forward to your teams 


SIL HR has the responsibility to manage the pre field training requirements and relationship with the training providers. With the agreement of the ELT to the Personal Attributes and Competencies, we are now in a place to move forward in this area. This advisory notice explains these plans to you. AO’s and training providers have requested clearly expressed SIL expectations for four years now.


  1. These Personal Attributes (PA) that you have seen different versions of over the past four years have been approved by Eleanor on behalf of the ELT for use in the next two years. This means we are not editing them, but moving forward in using them.
    1. The full documentation is here
    2. The entry level extract is here .
  2. The entry level extract is now being prepared in a table form to facilitate conversations with pre field training providers. The PA regarding organisational intelligence is being omitted as this will always be SIL’s responsibility. There is a separate project with communication involved to provide this orientation.
  3. Global HR will seek conversations with the training providers after the summer to talk about what part of their training informs SIL candidates about the ten attributes.
  4. Global HR will seek conversations with major Alliance partners about the use of these ten Personal Attributes for their screening and pre field equipping activities.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: These ten PA’s are NOT a standard a person needs to meet to become a staff person in SIL. They are NOT the minimum requirements. They do express ten areas we expect staff screening to be based on and for pre field to focus on. They should also be used to provide a framework for discussion regarding individual growth and development plans.

Actions requested of HR or SIL leaders:

  1. Please cascade to Units and other organisations
  2. Please send Keith and David Pattison a list of any organisation you know of or use who provides pre field training. We know of ICC and Redcliffe College. (Please fill in the form below.)
  3. Please send any comments to David Pattison regarding the PA’s, for content, level of English and cross cultural appropriateness. 

Links to the documents 

  1. The full documentation is here
  2. The entry level extract is here .


There are a number of other issues with how SIL relates to pre field training providers, how we receive feedback, who the primary relationship holder is with training providers (SIL or Wycliffe), and whose expectations the training needs to meet (SIL or Wycliffe organisations). These topics will be included in the discussions with each AO and training provider. We are seeking clarity and to provide the AO and training providers the input they requested a number of years ago.

Localisation of staff will in time affect this conversation. These PA’s will continue to be developed especially in seeking reflection on them cross culturally and if the level of English used excludes non-native English speakers from viewing them.