Coaching & Mentoring



“Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God’s calling.” 1

Personal and professional coaching have proven their value in our organization moving leaders and teams toward greater impact. Connecting coaching to the learning process has the potential to move learners from acquired knowledge and understanding to changed habits in their work and life. Different than a mentor, a coach does not need to have a deep understanding of the learning content. Rather, a coach brings well-crafted questions to powerfully help learners reflect and apply learning, solve problems, reach goals, and develop others with accountability.

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Mentoring is an informal or intentional process in relationship that offers helpful, additional perspective to someone who is looking to grow and develop in their knowledge, skills or attitudes. One simple definition of mentoring is when one who is at least a bit further down the road of experience sharing what she or he has learned from reflecting on those experiences, and making themselves available as a resource to someone with less experience.

Mentoring has been shown to boost staff engagement and satisfaction while increasing the staff’s ability to succeed in their contribution toward organizational goals.

Articles and Resources

The Robust Mentoring Initiative has put together an excellent e-book on intentional formal mentoring that you can read about and download here.

Mentoring Matters is another SIL-related website that is an outgrowth of the ILS language program consultant development work. Check out the valuable resources available there.

If you would like to explore being a mentor you can contact (TBA)

If you are looking for a mentor you can contract (TBA)

  1. Webb, Keith E. The COACH Model for Christian Leaders: Powerful Leadership Skills to Solve Problems, Reach Goals, and Develop Others (pp. 28-29). Active Results LLC. Kindle Edition.