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Communities of Practice


Are you looking for a group of people who are working through the same issues that you are facing? There may already be such a group (or maybe we can help you start one); Such groups are called Communities of Practice (CoP). One definition found at W3Definitions says that a CoP is an, “Informal, self-organized, network of peers with diverse skills and experience in an area of practice or profession. Such groups are held together by the members’ desire to help others (by sharing information) and the need to advance their own knowledge (by learning from others).”

For more information about CoPs, including help with setting one up, you can contact: (TBD)

Active Communities of Practice (CoPs) in SIL

Name of CoPContact Email
Developing LeadersJennifer
Global Security and Risk ManagementRisk Management
TCK Care & Education CoordinatorsAlan
Coaching in SILStacey
Teamwork Libraries AfricaTeamwork Librarian
Teamwork Libraries AsiaTeamwork Librarian
Asia ArchivingAsia Archives
Storying and Orality (Asia)Irene
If you would like your SIL CoP listed in this table, please send the information to Learning & Development

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