Digital Learning


Digital Learning, sometimes referred to as Online Learning or eLearning, has its advantages and disadvantages when compared to more traditional forms of learning. Face-to-face classroom situations feel more personal, and learning can be facilitated by a more natural relationship between the teacher and learners, and between the learner and other learners. On the other hand, Digital Learning is accessible at all hours in all time zones. Because it usually eliminates the need for both teachers and learners to travel in order to be co-located, digital learning can provide many learning opportunities to a wider audience that would otherwise be economically or schedule-wise prohibitive.


If you haven’t yet checked out Course-Connections, please head over to and have a look at the growing collection of digital courses designed to support SIL people in their life and ministry. Because we recognize that just completing an online course may not lead to life-change, we’ve tried to pair online learning with structured opportunities to be supported as you try new practices and develop new habits of working and living. Mentors, coaches, and CoPs can all play a role in your implementation of what you learn. And when you show your new competence, you will have earned a badge.

Mandated Courses

Certain courses that are mandatory requirements for SIL personnel are also found in Workday Learning. If a course is found in both learning management platforms, they are identical in content and activities. The difference is that Workday can keep track of who in SIL has completed the required courses. We keep a copy of those courses in Course-Connections so they remain available to those without access to Workday. So…

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are SIL staff (supported, paid, or volunteer) and you need to take a mandated course, find and take that course in Workday Learning and not Course-Connections.

Current SIL Mandated Course List

Please click here for some of the resources connected to our digital courses.

Digital Course Descriptions

Here you will be able to see descriptions of courses in the categories of Professional Development, Personal Development, Leading & Managing People, Managing Programs & Projects, and Child Safeguarding and Family Helps.