Technology Options for Virtual Teams

Meetings/Video Conferencing/Webinars




Links Web Apps

Design of Digital products

Software Development

Build Web Sites

Collaboration/ Tools/Files/Workflow

Following are some questions to help you explore the purpose and usefulness of any options you chose to evaluate.

  • What is it designed to do? 
  • How well does it accomplish its design? 
  • For what purpose could your organization use it? 
  • How user friendly is it? 

Do you recommend this technology? Why or why not?

One comment on “Technology Options for Virtual Teams

  1. I have used many of these tools (Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Trello, and more). I have a concern about having too many of them in use at one time. I can not possibly be expert in all of them and therefore choose to limit my use to a select few.

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