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Learning Resource Catalog

This page should connect to a database that is not yet functional. Eventually you should be able to search for learning opportunities by topic, sub-topic, region, sponsor, etc. It will be great when we get there!

Here are links to a variety of learning opportunities, both within SIL and external to SIL.

HR Specific Professional Learning Resources

Past or Current Learning Opportunities around the SIL World

This page should link to a database of SIL programs/training that John Hutchinson and others have collected. Like the previous slide, it would have several fields that contain the info that Hutch gathered via surveys.

Universities that Partner with SIL or Wycliffe Organizations for Courses or Degrees

External Online Courses

This page should link to a database with several fields, like: URL, sponsor, audience, topic, title, presenter, length, price, badges or certificates, etc.