Spiritual and Relational Vitality

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The JAARS SRV team: 

  • facilitates events and retreats to strengthen partners in the Bible translation (BT) movement for service together 
  • will work with your team or organization to adapt the length and content of an interactive training event to meet the particular dynamics and needs of your group.
  • has experience leading group events on five different continents for SIL, WGA and other partners 

In the BT movement, many say they are overly busy, frenetic and tired. The SRV Team facilitates spiritual retreats that encourages:

Spiritual Retreats

  • rest and renewal
  • regained focus
  • time alone with God
  • setting a new trajectory


Individual, Team, and Leader Development

Sample of Possible Topics: 

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Strengthening Our Identity
  • Cycle of Grace vs. Cycle of Exhaustion  
  • Maintaining Unity and Perspectives in Difficult Relationships
  • Impact Awareness
  • Thriving or Leading in the Midst of Change
  • What makes a Good Team, Leader, Follower
  • Creating a Third Culture in a Multicultural Team
  • Interactive Team Building Exercises and Simulations
  • GROW model for Individual Coaching, Leading a Meeting and Making Decisions
  • Coaching and Leading with Powerful Questions
  • Group Values
  • Exchanging Glasses (looking out for the interest of others)
  • Personal & Community Outcomes: Focusing on the Future
  • Other topics and issues available upon request


“One thing I am taking away from [this retreat] is that I am beloved of the Lord. It’s not what I am doing.”

~Pauline Mwanzia – Wycliffe, Africa 

“[We are appreciative of] the modules on Relationships Drive Performance. They modeled what they taught us by the hundreds of people-hours of preparation, the quality of the material, and the detailed understanding of their audience.”

~Craig Russell – JAARS VP of Transportation Services

“During their recent visit they helped facilitate a week long spiritual retreat and team building for 16 [local] Bible translators, literacy workers and Scripture Engagement workers from three different language groups. In addition to the retreat, they also helped some of our departments with useful and creative team building activities as well as two informative coaching workshops.  They also met with individuals and families in the community and were a source of encouragement to many.”

~Fabienne Freeland – Director SIL Cameroon

For pricing and more information, contact Bryan Friesen at:  


704.843.6292 or 704.843.6185


Here’s a link to a 3 min. video