Dictionary & Lexicography Services

Dictionary and Lexicography Services supports those working in minority languages in a variety of ways. Words are the building blocks of a dictionary and are the most basic resource for Bible translation. So, we help workers apply a strategy for collecting words. And when they translate Scripture, we help them understand how to use the information in their dictionary.

We support language workers in the use of FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx), the preferred computer program for managing dictionary data. For data in some other format, our team of specialists converts that data to FLEx format. An online course we are developing will teach principles of lexicography and provide practical instruction for applying them.

Dictionary and Lexicography Services also manages Webonary.org, a website where dictionaries can be published in electronic and searchable format. We work with software developers to make uploading data to this site as simple as possible. We fine-tune the site where the data is displayed, ensuring that the content looks appealing and that no vital information has been left out.

Our staff work all over the world, so we use email, Skype and Zoom to work together. We connect through weekly team meetings, one-on-one meetings and annual staff retreats. At academic conferences, we promote Webonary.org and our service of lexical data conversion.

Do you have a passion for the linguistically underprivileged? Do you want to play a part in increasing the forms and contexts that use a minority language? Then we want you. We are looking for individuals who enjoy being part of a team yet can work independently. To get involved in data conversion, you must have analytical skills. For dictionary website maintenance, attention to detail and a tolerance for tedium go a long way to ensure success.