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Language Technology

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Language technology teams join translation and language experts. Together, we create software, fonts and keyboards.

The software we make benefits communities. We ensure workers use our tools effectively. We develop training materials and teach consultants. These consultants then train others to use our technologies. As local people work together, they hone their skills and grow their knowledge.

Our tools encourage development, education and engagement. Many products support the creation and distribution of Scripture, dictionaries, printed literacy materials, web materials and apps on smart devices.

Staff work in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Thailand, Cambodia and other remote locations around the world. Some places don’t have enough power or internet access. But translators and language development workers need to connect with each other to do their tasks. To support our tools and the teams using them, we help with setup, maintenance and infrastructure.

We expect our staff to come knowledgeable and ready to work. Once on the team, we keep them up-to-date on changes in technology.

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