Management General

In Management General, we ensure good staff care and watch progress toward goals. Because line managers manage people and projects, line management is a spiritual responsibility as well as a managerial responsibility.

As part of their spiritual responsibility,  managers know their team members. They encourage and pray for them. Team members need to understand how their work contributes to SIL’s goals.

Our line managers work all over SIL, sometimes in more than one discipline. They may manage a large department or a small team. They could work anywhere in the world or virtually from their own home country. They have formal and informal training opportunities. SIL plans to find mentors and coaches for its managers. Several staff also receive master-level training.

Some managers are born leaders. Others grow through practice. If you have many years of commercial leadership, it will take time for you to get used to the SIL culture. But no matter what background you have, SIL trains all of its managers for excellence.