Marketing & Communications

The Marketing and Communications team tells SIL’s story around the world. SIL wants to see people flourish, and we help others catch that vision. So, we develop SIL’s brand. We manage the corporate website and help with local websites. We create and distribute publications, videos and social media posts. We direct marketing efforts. We connect with people who need what SIL has. And we do all this work in competent, thoughtful and engaging ways.

Our staff members use their skills on teams to connect SIL with audiences. The core production team works remotely and in the Dallas, Texas, office. The area communications coordinators work remotely and in the field. Some staff travel. We develop our staff through webinars, conferences, team engagement and monthly meetings.

In this area of service, you may write news stories or social media posts. You might design posters or brochures. You could create a media presentation with video or PowerPoint. To make sure regional staff have the information and platforms they need for discussion and interaction, you might communicate internally.

Joining us in this work takes more than skills. You’ve got to feed energy, pursue purpose and increase engagement. You need to stay open to fresh ideas that fuel creativity. Finally, you have to promote spiritual growth in others—and yourself.

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